Apple Picks for Sandwiches & Straw Apple Toppers


I made this for our Apple Party/ Dinner that I will be making for next week. They are fun to make and easy too.

Straw Apple Toppers


Supplies needed:

*Apple Stamp, any apple stamp that you have will work or use a real apple cut in half and dip in paint
*Straws, I used plastic straws from Wal mart because I like straws that are sturdy
*Grocery Paper Bag
*Red and Green Acrylic Paint of your choice
*Regular sized Paper Punch, punch two holes in stamped Apple and slip in the straw.
*Stamp pad in brown and rub the stamp on edges of the apple to give distressed look


Apple Sandwich Picks


I just used red card stock and punched out apples and tied a little homemade twine around them. Then I punched two small holes in apples and inserted a sandwich Pick.

You can learn how to make the twine here




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