Bartlett Pears

I’m sure if you have a garden you’ve been picking, canning and working hard to keep-up with your harvest.  I will be posting pictures of our garden and tips and ideas that have helped me this year and hope it can help you with your garden.

I picked our Bartlett pears this week and they are still are mostly green which is when you pick them.  Just let the pears ripen (to a yellow color but not too soft) on your counter or in baskets then eat, bake, or preserve them.

See Here for canning, recipes and pear baby food.

Our pear tree is a Dwarf Bartlett Pear

We have had our issues with this pear tree.  We have had Fire blight for about the past 5 years.  I have trimmed out the bad branches each year and so far it is still alive and it has given me lots of pears.

I like Utah State University Extension for helpful information on insect and diseases on fruit trees.



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