Bell Pepper Jack-O-Lanterns

Orange Bell Pepper Jack-O-Lanterns

*Orange Bell Peppers, make sure bell peppers can stand up on their own when purchasing so that they won’t end up turning over and spilling your food inside of bell peppers

*Paring Knife

*Velveta Shell or an Elbow Macaroni and cheese, made according to directions but don’t drain off all the water for gooey runny effect

Note: You can also fill with a Macaroni Salad or Sloppy Joe Meat, Spaghetti, Rice and etc…

You can blanch the bell peppers if desired for soft edible pepper but I just used these bell pepper jack-o-lanterns for a serving bowls.

I carved out the face of the jack-o-lantern before cutting of the top and removing the seeds and white membranes for easier cutting.

Add cooked hot macaroni and cheese to carved bell peppers and serve.

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