Bunting/Banner in Blue


When I saw a cute banner on a table, I knew I wanted to make one for a Nautical Dinner that I was planning for a Father’s Day. My inspiration came from the sites listed at the bottom.


These are the colors I chose to use. I gathered up material from Wal mart and Jo Ann’s Fabric. They are made of Cotton Fabrics/Quilting fabrics. You could also use fabrics from older projects you have made.

Cut 2 out of each color for each banner flag/Pennant, with wrong sides together sew two sides leaving one side open to turn and then iron and attach them to Bias Tape.

I pinned each sewn banner piece to inside of bias tape and sew across top to catch each banner piece leaving the ends open so you can sew the jute pieces at the end. (See pictures)


Supplies to make this Banner/Bunting:

*Fabrics of your choice, cut each flag/pennant 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
*Double Bias Tape color of your choice I used 54 inches.
*Embroidery Floss
*Jute-Small Rope to tie up banner with I used 2 Pieces of Jute 48 inches each.
*Sewing Machine
*Thread to match Project
*Turning Tool




If you wish you can fill two glass containers with sand and two dowels 1/2 x 36 inches and stick them in the sand (You could stain or paint the dowels). Then tie your banner to the top of each dowel. (See Pictures)




See glorioustreats and frostmeblog

Happy Crafting!


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