Jungle Window Toppers


These are quick and as easy to make Window Toppers, I made these to match my daughter Jacque’s Jungle Theme Nursery. (I bought the Jungle Fabric from Hobby Lobby.)

Window Toppers (for 2 windows 35 inches width or smaller)

*3 yards of pre-washed Fabric ironed, of your choice
*Sewing Machine
*Matching Thread

Cut the fabric in half, length wise.

Now sew a rolled hem length wise both sides of each curtain topper on 2 sides of fabric, leaving the width sides un-hemmed.

Iron and then fold each individual piece of fabric in half putting right sides together and sew each curtain topper of material together (raw edges not hemmed edges) with an 1/4 inch seam allowance. You should have two tubes of fabric (Iron them flat).

Turn the 2 tubes of fabric right side out.

Come down about 1 1/2 inches from the seam you have just sewn together and sew 2 straight lines for the curtain rod casing, leaving space in between sewn lines to the size you plan to use for your curtain rod mine was a small rod so about an 2 inch casing.

Put on Your curtain Rod and Your finished!






See Jungle Banner



Have a great day!