Jungle Receiving Blanket


This is a receiving blanket I made for my daughter Jacque’s Baby. You can see how to make it Here.

Self-Binding Receiving Blanket


*Flannel Fabric 40 inches
*Flannel Fabric 30 inches
*Sewing machine

This was fun to make but I really needed the above video link to help me make this blanket.






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Baby Car Seat / Nursing Cover


Baby Car Seat/Nursing Cover

Supplies needed:

*1 1/4 yards of washed fabric, of your choice, cut to 36-37″ width x 42-44″ length, depending on car seat size
*1 1/4 yards of washed fabric, of your choice, cut to 36-37″ width x 42-44″ length, depending on car seat size
*1 package Double Fold Extra Wide Bias Tape, as much as needed
*Sewing Machine
*Machine Thread
*12 inch Glass bowl, optional for measuring
*2 Buttons, decorative purposes, optional

After cutting out the 2 pieces of the above measured fabric, pin with right sides together. Make each corner round by marking/cutting the corners with a round bowl etc… Making sure you cut all corners the same. Sew around the raw edges of the fabric with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Then cut a 12 inch circle in the center and turning right side out and iron. (Check and making sure that where you cut the circle is so that the front of the car seat will have long enough coverage.). Using the bias tape, attach and pin to the raw wrong sides together inside circle and sew around the circle enclosing the raw edges in the bias tape. When you come to the end of attaching the bias tape fold under the end of the bias tape about a 1/2 inch and overlap a bit of the bias tape you started attaching the bias tape too. Iron entire car seat/nursing cover.

Attaching Straps

Straps are made by measuring 2, 9″length x 6″ width and fold in half width wise and sew with wrong side’s together making a tube and turn right side out. Tuck under the ends about 1/4 inch and top stitch around each strip closing up both ends with the top stitching. Attach each strap to the right side of the circle material and adjust according to your Car seat and to be easily slipped on and off over your head for nursing your baby. These straps should rest on your shoulders. Then stitch on the buttons to the front side of the car seat cover/ nursing cover.

To see step by step instructions see The Ribbon Retreat for similar car seat cover.








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