Snowman Jars

Snowman Jars

Supplies needed:

*Wide Mouth Quart Glass Canning Jars

*White Polyester Stuffing

*2 Large Black Buttons, eyes

*3 Orange Buttons (different sizes) nose

*5 small Black Beads or Buttons, mouth

*Wood/Bamboo Skewer

*Socks, Red or Blue, etc…

Stuff the quart jar with stuffing and slip in the buttons,  using a chop stick or wood/bamboo skewer to help place buttons for the mouth, nose and then the eyes.  This process takes a little time  to get them into position, but if you have added enough stuffing it should keep the buttons in place.

Place the opening of the sock on top of the glass jar opening,  making a stocking  hat for the snowman.