Chicken and Lime Avocado Soup


Chicken and Lime Avocado Soup

Serves 4

*12 ounces boneless chicken breast tenders (about 8-10 tenders) and seasoned to taste (We used Deverle’s Seasoning and 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes.) cooked and cut into bite size pieces or shred chicken
*1 tablespoon Extra Light Olive Oil
*1/2 cup minced Green Onions, green and white part of the green onions
*1-2 Jalapeños, minced (use seeds if desired)
*3 Garlic Cloves, pressed or minced
*29 ounces Low Sodium Chicken broth
*2 Roma Tomatoes, diced seeds removed
1/8-1/4 teaspoon Cumin
*Salt and Pepper to taste
*1/4 Cilantro, chopped or to taste, (add just before serving)
*1-2 tablespoon Fresh Lime Juice, less if bottled and to taste (add just before serving)
*1 medium Avocado, diced, (add just before serving)

Sauté in a heated saute pan add the olive oil, onions and adding garlic the last 1 minute of sautéing.

In a stock pot place the sautéed mixture, then add the cooked chicken, chicken stock, tomatoes and cumin. Simmer for 20 minutes. (salt and pepper to taste).

After simmering add cilantro, fresh lime juice and avocados and serve immediately.

Toppings (when serving)

*Tortilla Strips
*Monterrey Jack or Pepper Jack Cheese, Shredded
*Greek Yogurt or Sour Cream
*Greens of Green Onions, sliced in Circles



Jessica and Lindy

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