Egg Bunny Breakfast

Egg Bunny Breakfast

Servings 8

*2 packages Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns, cooked and placed in the bottom of each serving bowl “hash brown bunny bed”

*Scrambled Eggs, 16 Eggs, 2 eggs per bunny head, more if desired

*2 tablespoons Heavy Cream, beaten into eggs

*Salt and Black Pepper, to taste

*8 slices Bacon, cut in half and cooked, bunny ears

*Sour Cream, food glue for blueberry eyes

*8 Raspberries, nose

*16 Blueberries, eyes

*3 String Cheese, pulled into strips for whiskers

We set out the above food items and let everyone assemble their own bunny.

*Idea Source Worth Pinning




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