Frozen Ice Candy Cake


We made this Frozen Ice Candy Cake for my Grandma’s Birthday. Make sure to visit the website below for more on the “Frozen” ideas.

White Cake

Recipe is for a two 9 inch layer cake, you will have some extra batter. Only fill cake pans three fourths full or little less.

Dry ingredients:

* 3 cups Cake Flour, 24 ounces
*4 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoon Baking Powder, 1.5 ounces
*2 1/2 teaspoons Salt, 0.50 ounces

Cream together:

*1 1/2 cups Shortening, 12 ounces
*4 cups Sugar, 32 ounces
*2 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract, 0.32 ounces
*1 teaspoon Almond Extract, 0.18 ounces

Add to creamed mixture:

*1 1/2 cups Skim Milk, 12 ounces
*Food Coloring, optional

Mix in the milk and then adding the dry ingredients in small amounts until all is combined.

Bake the Cakes at 350*F for 30-40 minutes being careful not to over bake. Test the cake with a tooth pick, when it comes out clean

Buttercream Frosting for Two Layer Cake

*2 cups Butter, 1 pound
*1 cup Shortening, 8 ounces
*2 pounds Confectioners’ Sugar, about 1 bag plus 1 cup or more
*6 teaspoons Meringue Powder mixed in 2/3 cup Water
*1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
*2 teaspoon Vanilla

Cream together the butter/shortening, sugar and then add all the other above ingredients together. Then blend in mixer on medium speed. Then on high speed until light and fluffy.

Optional: For a softer Buttercream Frosting add 2 tablespoons of Water. We wanted a little bit stiffer frosting so we left it out. If you want to do any piping on the cake, refrigerate the frosting about an hour before piping it onto the cake.

Cake and Frosting Recipes adapted from Wayne Gisslen, Professional Baking

You can see similar decorated cake and Blue Ice Candy at Bubbly Nature Creations

Blue Ice Candy

*3 3/4 cups Sugar
*1 1/2 cups Light Corn Syrup
*1 cup Water

**1 tablespoon Lemon extract, or flavoring of your choice
**Food coloring

Combine the sugar, light corn syrup and water on medium heat and bring to a boil, now without stirring (we used a coated cast Iron pot). **(Flavoring and coloring are added after your candy is done cooking) cook to hardball stage.

Making hard candy takes about 25 minutes to cook so be patient and use a candy thermometer to cook to the right temperature 300 to 310*F. (149 to 154*C), you could also test it by dropping some drops of the Candy syrup into a cup of cold water, it should form a very hardball.

Remove pot/pan from heat and pour syrup onto a greased parchment lined half baking sheet. Allow to cool, remove parchment with hardened Candy and break into desired pieces. You could also dust with powdered sugar before storing in a air tight container.

Hard Candy recipe from Allrecipes













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2 thoughts on “Frozen Ice Candy Cake

  1. How did you make the rock candy at the top stay upright! I did the same thing on my daughters cake last night, and it fell over backwards and took out the back of the cake!! I am doing one for her friends on Friday and need help!

    1. Gina, maybe your rock candy was to thick or to tall of rock candy pieces. We also had to freeze our cake a few days ahead of time so maybe that helped the rock candy stay upright because it was still a bit frozen when we added the last layer of frosting and the rock candy. I hope this helps.

      Also, I posted you could use a cake mix but after you had trouble with the cake I removed that alternative. The above recipe is a very dense cake that held up our rock candy very easily and we also had to transport this cake to the birthday party 4 miles away and it held up just fine.

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