Sparkling Cider Gel Flutes

Sparkling Cider Gel Flutes


8 to 10 Fluted glasses chilled in the fridge about 30 minutes.

*3 packages Knox Unflavored Gelatin (1/4 ounce each)

*1 cup Cold Water

*1/2 cup Sugar

*1 cup small Ice Cubes

*1 Bottle 25.4 ounce Sparkling Cider (I used Apple Pear), like Martinelli’s

*2 cups Sparkling White Grape Juice, like Welches

*1 tablespoon Half-and-Half, low-fat is fine too

*Raspberries or small Strawberry, one per glass

Serves 8-10 depending on size of flutes or glasses

In a sauce pan add the gelatin and cup of water and stir together, let set 5 minutes or so until it mixture becomes translucent. Then stir in the sugar and on medium-low heat, simmer the mixture until the gelatin and sugar are completely dissolved. Do not boil mixture.

Remove the gelatin mixture from the heat and pour into a large 2 quart measuring bowl and add 1 cup of ice, stir until ice has melted then slowly add the sparkling cider and sparkling grape juice. Reserve 1/2 cup in a bowl of this mixture, place bowl in the fridge.

Now pour the sparkling juice mixture into chilled clear fluted glasses or glasses of your choice. Leaving at least 1 inch from the top for foamy topping.

Refrigerate the filled fluted glasses for 30 minutes. Then remove filled glass from the refrigerator and using a flat end skewer press in one raspberry into each filled glass (3 inches into the middle of the gel mixture). Add the foamy topping and refrigerate filled flutes 2 hours or until sparkling cider gelatin mixture has set.

Foamy Topping

Remove the 1/2 cup of the reserved sparkling cider gelatin mixture and add the half-and-half, whisk together with a fork and then add about 2 teaspoons to the top of each filled flute/glass.