Peep Easter Grape Juice

Peep Easter Grape Juice

*Concord Grape Juice, see our Homemade Grape Juice recipe or purchase grape Juice like Welch’s Concord Grape Juice

*2-3 tablespoons Sugar Crystals

*Purple Gel Food Coloring

*Corn Syrup, for dipping glass rims

*Purple Bunny Peeps, cut to fit on the rim of drinking glass after dipping in the sugar crystals

In a resealable plastic bag add sugar crystals and add a few drops of purple food gel and shake and message bag until all the crystals are colored. Then pour corn syrup on plate and dip lightly the glass rims (careful not to put to much on the rim).  Now, on another plate pour on the purple colored sugar and dip the corn syrup dipped rim into colored sugar.  Allow to set a few minutes.

Pour in carefully the grape juice into each glass and serve.

We dipped 8 glasses.




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