Root Beer Lollipops


We used these fun lollipops for treat at our Pioneer Dinner you could use them for so many different occasions; Bake sales, parties, gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Hard Candy Lollipops

*2 cups Sugar
*1/4 cup Light Corn Syrup
*1/4 cup Water
*1 teaspoon Root Beer flavoring or to taste or flavor of your choice
*Optional: 1/2 teaspoon or more of Food coloring for other lollipop flavors only!

Also optional:

*Small-Large Lollipop Plastic Bags, depending on size of Lollipops
*Jute, Ribbon and etc…..

Combine the sugar, light corn syrup and water on medium heat and bring to a boil, now without stirring (we used a coated cast Iron pot). ** (Flavoring and coloring are added after your candy is done cooking) cook to hardball stage.

Making hard candy takes about 25 minutes to cook so be patient and use a candy thermometer to cook to the right temperature 300 to 310*F. (149 to 154*C), you could also test it by dropping some drops of the Candy syrup into a cup of cold water; it should form a very hardball.

Remove coated Cast Iron pot/pan or a thick pot/pan from heat and pour candy syrup into a heat tolerant glass measuring cup and then pour the Candy syrup (syrup will harden quickly) into a Pam sprayed Hard Candy Molds and add lollipop sticks. Allow to cool, remove from molds and enjoy!

Note: You can use small-large plastic lollipop sacks depending on the size of you lollipops and tie with Jute, ribbon and etc……











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