Santa Jars

Make these Santa jars for neighbors, co-workers and friends for a fun Christmas gift.

Santa Jars

Supplies needed for 1 Santa jar:

*Wide Mouth Quart Canning Jar

*1    8 ounce bag Red Gumballs

*1    8 ounce bag Black Gumballs

* 1    1  1/2 inch Pompom

*Red Sock or socks of your choice

*Red Duck Tape, Belt, cut strip 13 inches in length x 1   1/2 inches wide and Belt Hook, 1 inch length x 1/2 inch wide

*Black Duck Tape, Buckle 2 inches x 2 inches, center removed 1 inch x 1 inch

*Wax Paper, for drawing buckle (1 inch square) easy cutting and belt hook


*Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, for attaching pom pom and batting trim

*Batting, optional for trim on the Santa hat

  1. Start with a clean quart jar and cut out your duck tape pieces.
  2. Add the red belt first about half way down the jar.
  3. Then add the black buckle to the center of the red belt on the front of the Santa jar centering the hook to the left side of the buckle.  see pictures
  4. Fill the canning jar with gumballs and slip on the sock to the rim of the jar, add the pom pom and trim batting as desired.




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