Sparkling Cider Cupcakes

Sparkling Cider Cupcakes

Makes 24 cupcakes


*3/4 cup Butter, room temperature

*3/4 to 1 cup Sugar, I like the less sugar

*3 Eggs, room temperature

*1 teaspoon Clear Vanilla Extract

*1 and 3/4 cups All-purpose Flour, sifted twice

*1/4 cup Cornstarch

*2 teaspoons Baking Powder

*1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt

*1 cup Sparkling Cider, room temperature and fold in at the end

Cream together in a stand mixer with paddle attachment, on medium low-speed the butter and sugar until a light yellow color. Then add the vanilla and 1 egg at a time until eggs are fully incorporated.

Sift together in a bowl the flour, cornstarch, baking powder and sea salt.

Slowly add the dry ingredients into the creamed mixture on medium low-speed and mix just until the batter is smooth, be careful not to over mix. Then fold in by hand the Sparkling Cider, batter will be foamy.

Scoop into cupcake cups and bake at 350*F. for 18-20 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.  Cool completely before frosting.


*5 cups Powdered Sugar

*1 cup Butter, room temperature

*1/2 cup White Vegetable Shortening

*1 teaspoon clear Vanilla

*1/2 cup Sparkling Cider, room temperature

In a bowl combine the powdered sugar, butter, shortening, vanilla and cider. Use a hand mixer and beat together until light and creamy.  Frost or pipe on frosting the cupcakes just before serving and decorate.

Note: I used decorating pastry bag and Ateco 827 decorating tip.

Sparkling Cider Syrup, optional but adds extra flavor to cupcake

*1/2 cup Sugar

*1/2 cup Sparkling Cider

In a sauce pan on medium low heat, heat the sugar and cider just until sugar dissolves and becomes a syrup. Put a teaspoon over cooled cupcakes before frosting.

**Decorate cupcakes right after frosting just before serving with Sixlets, Sprinkles, sugar crystal sprinkles and round decorative candies as desired.





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