Tea Cucumber Sandwiches

Tea Cucumber Sandwiches

*5 tablespoons Butter, room temperature

*1 loaf or 16 slices White Bread, semi-firm

*1/2 to 1 English Cucumber, peeled and sliced thin

*2-3 tablespoons Chopped Chives or 2 tablespoons green onions (green part only minced)

*1/3 cup Olive Oil Mayonnaise

*3 Tablespoons Greek Yogurt

*4 teaspoons Stone Ground Mustard

*Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper to taste

Spread a thin layer of butter on each slice of bread.
Top 8 slices of buttered bread with a layer of cucumbers
In a small bowl mix together the: Mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard, chives, salt and pepper until combined. Spread a thin layer over the sliced cucumbers.
Close each open-faced cucumber sandwich with a slice of bread. Cut off the crusts pressing slightly on top of the closed sandwiches. Then cut in half into rectangles or triangles. Making 16 sandwiches. Serve cold. Refrigerate for a couple of hours if needed and then serve immediately.
Note: I layered all 16 slices of bread with butter, cucumbers and mayonnaise mixture. This makes the sandwiches a bit slippery, but extra yummy. Also you could do open face cucumber sandwiches, this way just switch around by spreading on the mayonnaise mixture over the butter. Cut off the crusts and cut each slice of bread into fourths and layer 2-3 cucumbers on each and top with chopped chives or green onions.



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