Bee Candy Stuffed Treat Bags

Bee Candy Treat Bags

Makes at least 8-9 (1/4 filled) treat bags

*Cellophane Treat Bags, 8-9, we found our bags at Cox Honey

*14.5 ounce box Pretzel Goldfish

*4.2 ounce bag Bit-O-Honey

*12 ounce classic bag Rolo’s

*9.6 ounce bag Caramel M&M’s, we used only the Yellow and Brown

*11 ounce classic bag Reese’s Miniature Cups with Stuffed Pieces

Dived the candy and pretzels evenly among treat bags.

Use twist ties to to close the bags and add curled curling ribbon, we add 2 prices of cut curling ribbon, each about 21 inches. Repeat for each treat bag.

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