Tea Party Food

Easter or Valentine’s Tea Party.  Recipes will be posted in the next 2 weeks.

Fresh Lemonade with smashed Fresh Raspberry and Blueberries

We filled Tea Pots with hot water and set out different herb teas in tea bags.

Herb Teas:  Cinnamon Apple Spice, Black Cherry Berry, Caramel Apple Dream, Country Peach Passion, True Blueberry, Raspberry Zinger and Wild Berry Zinger.   Mint Teas would also be good.

We made grilled cheese croutons from buttered white bread slices and Kraft Cheddar Cheese Slices and grilled them on a Panni Grill.  Then cut them into squares.  We warmed up some cans of  Campbell’s Tomato Soup.  My favorite tomato soup of all time!!!  My personal opinion.

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