Witches Jars


Supplies to make Jars:

*Glass Jars of your choice with lids, I used washed and dried pickle relish jars and round chili jars
*Glass Candlesticks (I got them from the Dollar Tree)
*Black Spray Paint or I used Rust-Oleum textured, one to two coats of spray.
*knobs with Screws (I needed to get longer screws than what came with the knobs, so check knobs you buy.) I Bought the knobs from Wal mart
*Philips Screwdriver
*E 6000 Glue

Spray paint jar lids and candlesticks outside on the grass with some sort of protection from getting paint everywhere. I usually turn a large cardboard box on its side and place candlesticks inside the box and spray paint them one side of the candlestick at a time, waiting until dry enough to touch and then spray the other side. (You can use any container if you don’t care if it gets spray paint on it, I used empty flat water bottle box for spraying lids.) Let spray paint dry between coats and follow directions on the spray paint can.

After paint has dried drill a hole in the top of the lid in the center of lid. Making the hole size slightly smaller than screw so the screw can fit through snugly or you could you use a nail and a scrap piece of wood. Put the wood under your lid with the painted side of lid down and place the nail in the center and hammer a hole using the right size of nail for the screw size that will need to go in it, it should be a slightly smaller hole than the screw size. Then attach the knob to the lid with the screw and the bolt using a screwdriver.



Place glue on the bottom of the jar bottom in the center and attach sprayed glass candlestick let dry being careful it doesn’t slide around. Follow the directions on the glue tube for glue drying time and more information on applying the glue.

In the above picture one of the button holes is cut and the other uncut so you can see how to sew button hole for the knob to slip over to attach hat. You will only need ONE button hole sewn in the center of hat and then a slit cut.




Witches Hat and Tutu


Supplies needed for Witch Hat and Tutu:

*Black Felt, cut 2 of the hat rims and 2 of the hat patterns for each jar
*Sewing Machine and Black Thread
*Plastic Grocery Bags, to stuff hat
*Simple Witch Hat Pattern
*Pipe Cleaner, for inside hat to make it bendable.
*Spider Ring for the end of Hat

Cut about  a  5 1/2 in circle for each hat and draw a simple hat shape as shown below or check out the hat in the link below for a hat pattern.

This is adapted from she knows see for a no sew hat.


*Black Tulle, I like the sparkle tulle cut in strips, I cut them about 6 inches long and tide to jute and then I trimmed off to the length I liked.
*Jute or Hair Elastic, see above link for using hair elastic.


After cutting out 2 pieces of the felt hat pattern sew them together around the edges leaving the bottom of the hat open and turn right side out and then clip the bottom in about one inch strips and then the notches are also cut one inch. (You can clip them smaller if it helps it lay flatter while you sew them together. See pictures.


After cutting out circles cut a hole in the center of one of the circles to fit the hat bottom though and fan out notches of felt and pin. (Cutting a hole in a two inch circle and then cut larger as needed to fit hat bottom of the hat through so it lays flat and sew around we’re notches meet circle inner edge. Sew hat on the right side with hat pointing up or on the wrong side were you can see the notches, whichever way works best for you.)

Now for the second circle, make ONE sewn button hole or you can just make a slit the button hole is optional. (I Ironed a small square of Iron on Interfacing to the center of the circle where the button hole/slit would be and cut a slit a bit smaller than the knob so it fits snugly.

Note: In the above picture one of the button holes is cut and the other uncut so you can see how to sew button hole for the knob to slip over to attach hat. You will only need ONE button hole sewn in the center of hat and then a slit cut. Sewn button hole is optional. The reason I used the button hole is because I think it makes it a bit more stable.


Add more tulle strips if you want a fuller tutu. I used 10-12 strips the sparkle tulle is fatter tulle than the plan black tulle so you might want more strips with the plain black tulle.


In the above pattern I cut the top of the hat a about a 1/4 inch wider to help with turning the hat. I know this pattern is not an exact pattern you can print but it is simple to draw. See link above for a no sew hat pattern.






Have Fun Crafting!


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