Halloween Bone Dinner Party Food

Yummy food from our Halloween Party. See links to recipes below pictures. We hope you find ideas for you next Halloween party.

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Setting Up

See Root Beer Barrel Shot Glasses

See Ghostly Caesar Salad

See White Chicken Chili

See Snake Red Pepper Breadsticks

See Chili with Cheese

See Mushroom Skulls

See Shrunken Apple Heads

See  Peanut Butter Cup Spider Cookies

See Vampire Bloody Punch

See Italian Breadstick Bones

See Bell Pepper Jack-O-Lanterns

See Monster Oreo Cookies

See Cauldron Cupcakes

See Jolly Rancher Vampire Teeth

See Hocus Pocus Brownies

See S’mores Chocolate Cupcakes

See Pumpkin Cheese Ball



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